New Academy Course: CartoDB.js from the ground up


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New Academy Course: CartoDB.js from the ground up


CartoDB just released Lesson One of a new Academy course called CartoDB.js from the ground up. This will be the first in a couple of courses on CartoDB.js starting with the basics.

The first lesson focuses on building basic maps with a few lines of JavaScript by interacting with CartoDB in the cloud.

Lesson Two will extend the two methods for displaying maps on your webpage by performing actions on individual layers so that the user can work with your map. You will also be digging into click events callbacks and a few of the ways to integrate more complicated maps into your websites.

Lesson Three will go deeper still by using SQL queries to change the look of your maps with simple user interactions. CartoCSS--an easy-to-learn styling language--will also be used to alter the styles of your maps just like you'd use in the CartoDB Editor.

We hope you enjoy this course! And if you have ideas for future Academy courses please drop us a line. We want to help you make the best maps possible.