New Academy Lesson: How to Choose Map Colors


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New Academy Lesson: How to Choose Map Colors

Do you want to go beyond using default color schemes for your map but don't know where to start? Or do you need to make your map more legible but aren't sure how? We'll show you!

Learn how to make beautiful maps that tell a clear story like the one above created by LifeWatch INBO. Check out our new Map Academy Intermediate Design lesson: How to Choose Map Colors Part 1.

We explain the basics of color theory and give you specific guidelines for picking colors. That includes designing for your color-blind audience members! Then we show you many different ways to implement your palette with CartoCSS. We'll also help you avoid inflicting effects like this on your audience.

This lesson is the latest in our Intermediate Design course. It's the first of a two-part series on working with color. The second part is coming soon! It'll show you how to apply the skills you learned in Part 1 to create complete color palettes. It will also show you which palette type is best for the specific kind of data you have.

We hope you find the new lesson useful. Share your color palettes with us in the lesson comments! If you have feedback on this lesson or want to suggest another please let us know at

Happy data mapping!