Come hear the latest from CartoDB in NYC


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Come hear the latest from CartoDB in NYC

We have a couple of public presentations coming up that we wanted to let you know about. They are both in the NYC area but don’t worry we have OKCon FOSS4G NACIS and Strata London all coming up in other places!

new york city by numbers


Our friends over at BetaNYC have been putting on a series of events to celebrate educate and mobilize people around the recently released PLUTO dataset. We put together a fun little data service on CartoDB and built an unexpectedly popular Pluto Data Tour on top of it. This will be our first chance to give a presentation on how and why we built the maps that we did. Be sure to come on over on Wednesday if you feel like joining the fun!

Data Wizards

We will be giving our first ever presentation at the NY meetup NYC Data Wizards. We are excited to present some of our recent work to this group including the PLUTO work mentioned above NYCHenge and other projects. We will be talking about the role of story in data visualization and where we think the future of mapping is going. Last we checked there was only one spot left so hurry up!