now allows you to Open in CartoDB


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here. now allows you to Open in CartoDB has been publishing United States Federal Government data since 2009. Their mission is to increase public access to over 125 000 datasets they have already published and many others they are still collecting and indexing. In the years since its launch the platform has stimulated creativity through civic hackers technology companies educators and many others.

To expand the impact and remove any remaining barriers to using open data now allows you to make your own map from the data in a single click with an "Open in CartoDB" button on every supported dataset. This is a huge addition to the accessibility of open data because now making and exploring a map from data takes no expertise at all. On top of that you can do it for free.

CartoDB <3

We hope that is the first among many data publishers to support this killer feature. Allowing people to leverage the power of maps filter and explore data and publish or embed maps on their own sites will only add greater awareness to the topics addressed on the site. Check out some sample datasets in these sectors to explore the possibilities:

Try it out today and discover how easy open data can be. Congratulations to for taking this amazing step toward easier to access open data.


You can now add Open in CartoDB to your own site! Head over to the [project page] to learn how.