Didi Kuaidi Launch U.S. Ride-Sharing app


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Didi Kuaidi Launch U.S. Ride-Sharing app
DiDi Kuaidi uses CartoDB SDK

This week the Chinese service Didi Kuaidi launched the beta of its service in the United States. Chinese passengers who use Didi Kuaidi at home can now request rides in the U.S. and the SDK powering that app is CartoDB Mobile SDK. You can read more about this all around the web.

We are very thrilled to see the Mobile SDK we recently announced being used in such a large application for such a disruptive service. The map is a fundamental part of the User Experience on the application and that is important for a company completing over 10 million rides daily!

The Mobile SDK is powered by fresh vector maps coming from our Location Data Services. They are rendered on device and provide capabilities to change the style on demand for example to reflect day and night.

Our Mobile SDK offers great flexibility when it comes to map development with offline capabilities. Together with our flexible terms and additional location services they provide a great foundation for modern transportation companies.

Check out our Mobile SDK page to learn more about how to use it.