Always Innovating... Even in the Classroom!


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Always Innovating... Even in the Classroom!

Many universities around the world use CartoDB  for research and in the classroom  to create interactive tools for educators and departments. Types of visualizations vary from historical occurrences  natural events  predictions  economic trends  population performance  and disease evolution.

View how test scores are visualized per school district in polygons to show elementary school [student performance]in New York City.


Education webinar

Or visualize how far birds migrate in a single night thanks to our torque feature:

Discover how to use CartoDB as a powerful education and research tool in our webinar next Thursday January 21:


Andy Eschbacher  our Map Scientist at CartoDB  is hosting this [webinar]. Andy has been fascinated by maps since he was a boy and now he enjoys researching and improving our tool to let you create amazing data-driven maps!

Happy data mapping!