Let's Welcome our New Team Members!


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Let's Welcome our New Team Members!

We recently welcomed new members to our US team and now we want to take a moment to welcome our newest team members in Europe!


Miguel Romero

Front End Engineer

Buti joins our Product team as a Front End Engineer. Last year Buti worked at Be Mate in a similar role and before that he worked freelance and with companies such as BeBanjo and Socialbro.

Why are you excited about CARTO? "The product is great and CARTO's mission is ambitious but to be able to work side by side with people I admire it's amazing."


Fernando Carrasco

Partners Manager APAC

Fernando is focused on leading CARTO partner relationships in the Asia Pacific Region. He will be in our Madrid office but has previously worked in locations such as Hong Kong and Dubai.

"The most exciting aspects of working at CARTO are the diversity of people and backgrounds the tech-design mix in all CARTO departments and the energy in all CARTO Talks a sign of passion for multidisciplinary knowledge."


Aare Undo

Mobile Developer

Aare is the newest member of our Mobile Development team in Tartu.

"This is an amazing opportunity to work with a company that is extremely international yet manages to keep all of its employees connected so that it feels like a small local company."


Tony Fell

Sales Development Representative

Tony joins us from MicroStrategy where he was a Business Development representative for nearly 3 years. He has over 18 years experience in the business intelligence/information space and we are excited to have him join our brand new London team!

"Coming from an analytical background having worked as a BDR at MicroStrategy I am very excited to be joining an exciting dynamic company and am eager to shape my footprint with CARTO in the UK."

Welcome Buti Aare Fernando and Tony! We're looking forward to seeing how your experience pushes CARTO to the next level. VAMOS!

Welcome to the team!