The Data Observatory's reach expands to England & Wales


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The Data Observatory's reach expands to England & Wales

We are proud to announce the availability of demographic data for England and Wales from the Office for National Statistics in the United Kingdom.

With much focus right now on the Brexit results and what they will mean to the people we felt it was an important time to make this data available in the Data Observatory. The release represents some of the richest demographic data available in the area and it is now easy to access and blend with your own data.

In England and Wales the Data Observatory now includes:

  • Population and general demographics (age gender etc.)
  • Occupation and economic involvement
  • (In Wales) health characteristics
  • Languages spoken
  • Race & ethnicity
  • Religion

We've already had the opportunity to use the release to enrich data in some of our analysis projects. Take a look.

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Twitter anticipates Brexit

In this dashboard it's possible to see which segments of the UK population tweeted for or against Brexit. Segments are based off the same demographic information now in the Observatory:

Mapping Brexit results

In this dashboard the results of the Brexit vote can be drilled down alongside a subset of demograhpic characteristics:

Discover how the Data Observatory enhances your location-data through advanced analysis methods in our recorded webinar. Watch it as many times as you need to!

Happy data mapping!