Enjoy working with geospatial data


Discover the joy of geospatial data with CartoDB 1.0. A user-friendly, open-source platform to map, analyze, and build location-aware apps with ease.

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Enjoy working with geospatial data

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These days we are participating in the Where Conference  in San Francisco. After six months in beta  we presented yesterday the brand new CartoDB 1.0 in a session with a neat title: "How Working With Geospatial Data Can Be A Joy and Not A Pain". You can download the slides from @jatorre's presentation here.

We think there's a lot of room for improvement in all the current tools available to create dynamic maps online. Importing and transforming data is hard. Analyzing data (lots of data!) and taking all the juice out of it is difficult. To put 100 points on a map could be affordable  but it becomes a really difficult task if you are handling 10M points (when it gets really interesting). Commercial tools are not flexible enough.

We designed CartoDB to be the opposite: a user-friendly  open source flexible platform to map  analyze and build location aware apps with data with ease. We want you to enjoy making maps with data (lots of data).

We made a special effort on this when working on v1.0. One of the main improvements of the new site is the new tutorials  examples and documentation addressed to all users  from beginners to advanced data explorers.

At the Where Conference we also talked about other v1.0 improvements  like a 75% rendering speed boost  OpenStreetMaps data import and raster support. @jatorre was this morning at another session on OS Geo Projects where he addressed PostGIS 2.0  already implemented in CartoDB. We will explain all these improvements in detail in further posts.

It was a pleasure to present CartoDB at the Where Conference. We want to thank all the people who attended the presentation  and the organizers who invited us and brought us the great opportunity to present v1.0.