Getting Real Estate Insights with Reporte Inmobiliario


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Getting Real Estate Insights with Reporte Inmobiliario

We absolutely love client success stories that make use of big data and provide great insights for customers all over the world. In this case the insights are for one of the fastest growing global fields real estate.

Reporte Inmobiliario is a digital platform where you can find information related to the real estate market in South America. Their direct mission is to inform users on the simple and concrete variables of real estate and help them achieve a free and transparent market. Reporte lnmobiliario also promotes the analysis of data and the production of information on the [real estate] market.

They used CARTO to improve its business by giving visibility to their clients through data-driven visualizations and reports. The visualizations have increased traffic to their website and allowed customers to visualize real estate market trends to give better service to their clients.

Location is everything in real estate. That's why a tool like CARTO allows agencies like Reporte Inmobiliario to perform the necessary tasks to focus primarily on location. Their report allows for a quick and easy analysis and produces incredible results. Reporte Inmobiliario understood that the property market needed to be made transparent and that CARTO could help in that process.

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The agency leverages the popularity of subway maps to provide insights on the very important decision of living or conducting business near a metro stop. Clients can now provide complete transparency deals and meet various customer concerns and requests. For that Reporte Inmobiliario visualized rent prices depending on how close a building was to the metro/tube.

In these visualizations Reporte Inmobiliario analyzed data for property by using the visits to specific properties to see what were common trends in 2015:

For example were people visiting office spaces co-working spaces apartments condos or houses? Did people in South America want to live closer or further from a public park or metro stop? All those answers and more can be discovered with Reporte Inmobiliario’s CARTO visualization.

Reporte Inmobiliario compared the price of the value per m2 in this map to generate insights that allow real estate and construction services to see how much the price is for similar properties on the block. Allowing property agents to assess a property and construction firms to see what the average selling price for the area where they intend to build buildings. The service allows them to filter properties by type (house apartment similar house) number of rooms new
or used units.

2015 was one of the worst years for construction in Argentina. Many development projects were left unfinished and disproportionately affected some neighborhoods more than others in Buenos Aires.

“All the reports that we’ve developed with CARTO in the past year have been well received. Two of them have even set a record of visits to our site. All have had a fantastic impact in the press and on our social networks. I think people really gravitate toward the visualizations looking for insights ” Andrés Ávila
CTO at Reporte Inmobiliario.

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Happy data mapping!