CartoDB in Bogotá, Colombia for Geomatics Week


Join CartoDB at International Geomatics Week 2015 in Bogotá, celebrating innovation in cloud-based geospatial technologies. Explore our keynote and workshop!

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CartoDB in Bogotá, Colombia for Geomatics Week

International Geomatics Week 2015 will take place in Bogotá’s Whyndam Hotel from August 10 - 14  2015 as part of the Agustín Codazzi Geographical Institute's 80th anniversary celebrations. The event’s focus is “Geospatial Information for Peacebuilding ” and will consist of talks  workshops  and networking events about innovative cloud-based geospatial technologies  and their applications in the public and private sectors.

Innovation  new technologies  and all things cloud-related are at the very core of CartoDB  so we couldn’t miss this event! Our very own Javier de la Torre will be delivering a keynote on the next generation of geospatial platforms at 9:15 on Tuesday August 11  and hosting a workshop about CartoDB and QGIS on Thursday  August 13. Browse through the full schedule here.



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In addition to participating in this event we would like to celebrate the geospatial industry and meet users from the local community. So if you’re in Bogotá next week  please join us and our friends at Kudos for GeoBeers at 6 p.m. on Wednesday  August 12 at the BW Buffalo Wings Capital Towers. We’ll chat about maps  web technologies  and all things data; please confirm your attendance here.

And last but not least  we’re excited to announce that Kudos will be launching the new QGISCartoDB plugin during the CartoDB-sponsored GeoBeers. This newest version includes performance improvements for data editing  as well as functionalities like multi-user account management and the ability to publish a QGIS project as a map on CartoDB.

Happy data mapping!