Take a Risk the Right Way with CartoDB's Financial Risk Whitepaper Assessment


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Take a Risk the Right Way with CartoDB's Financial Risk Whitepaper Assessment

One of the biggest challenges of the 2008 global financial crisis was the inability for financial institutions to handle risk management in a rapidly changing demographic. For businesses to progress post-crisis re-imagining business intelligence and bringing their companies up-to-date with new technology became an imperative. CartoDB’s financial risk analysis has proposed the best solutions for meeting the needs of financial instutions to handle risks arising from rapidly changing client and customer demographics.

Financial risk

CartoDB has the mapping capabilities financial institutions need to bridge the generational gap. In our latest whitepaper on risk management through spatial analytics and social media GIS visualizations CartoDB explains why using mapping software not only makes sense but is best when it is made easy. When businesses use spatial analytics and social media to assess risk they not only bring their business model up-to-date but they also incorporate some of the latest in analytics technology.

CartoDB's road to risk management recovery is one of the best solutions for integrating popular trends and visual analytics into necessary business assessment tools. We've taken the knowledge generated from social media data and combined it with geospatial analytics to give businesses insights that allow for the best risk assessments.

Taking a risk doesn't have to be crisis.