Happy Birthday to 11870.com!


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Happy Birthday to 11870.com!

We are always trying and exploring data while working with CartoDB. This week we took a look at a dataset from 11870.com a social city guide already 5 years old. We did a couple of maps with it. The whole thing only took us around 15 minutes.

First we used 11870.com API to get data from hotels in Madrid and cleaned up the results with Google Refine. In the first map (embedded above) the size of the points shows how many times each hotel has been tagged as a favorite. You can check the full map here.

We styled it with this Carto code:

{% gist saleiva/1977876 %}

We did another visualization of the same dataset as a gridmap showing hotels density in Madrid. It’s available here. This is the SQL query and the Carto in case anyone wants to give it a try:

{% gist saleiva/1977875 %}

Do you have any interesting map done with CartoDB? Send us the links through @cartodb we’d love to see them!