Hodges Ward Eliott creates data-driven maps in as little as 10 minutes thanks to CARTO

Hodges Ward Elliot

Hodges Ward Elliot


The Client

The Challenge




What problems was Hodges Ward Elliott looking to solve with CARTO?

Obviously, as a real estate company, map making is something that is fundamental to what it is that we do on a day to day basis. Data-driven map-making was always something that we wanted to do but it used to be a very labor-intensive exercise. It used to be the job of the graphics department to make data-oriented maps and that would take them maybe 3-4 days. When the data science team came on board a few years ago, it sort of became our job to make these data-driven maps, using open-source tools like Leaflet. It takes us four hours to come up with a really good map. Then once we signed on with CARTO and started using it, that time went from four hours down to about 10 min to make publication grade investment grade data-driven maps.

How did CARTO help you solve this problem?

CARTO as a company took the 80%, maybe 90% of data-driven map making that was repetitive and slow, and required a lot of overhead and just streamlined it, in a way that made it very easy and lowered the bar in terms of how fast we could iterate on the maps that we were making and using them for exploration. In addition to sort of lowering the bar in terms of how difficult it was to create maps. What CARTO also enabled us to do was put the data that we were working with, in the hands of the subject matter experts who could best interpret it. And so, that was something that we weren’t really even thinking about doing before we signed on with CARTO. And you know the ability to create interactive visualizations and then share them with colleagues and clients has been a really transformative capability for us.

Watch the full presentation of Tim Kiely from Hodges Ward Elliott at CARTOLocations New York.

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