Driving value for Smart Cities with IoT and Location Intelligence solutions




reduction in operational costs for waste management fleet
datapoints visualized from real-time sensors across the city
reduction of energy costs for street lamps across the city of Málaga

The Client


Telefónica is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, listed by Forbes as the 110th largest company in the world. As an innovative leader in areas such as big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), they provide digital solutions that enable a new generation of services and businesses for different types of organizations, including cities.

The Challenge

A Smart Cities dashboard that processes real-time data

Telefónica Smart Cities and the IoT team needed to build a Smart Cities dashboard that could process and analyze data from thousands of IoT sensors as actionable insights to enable their public sector customers to run their cities more efficiently and sustainably. The challenge was to find an integrated, FIWARE compliant platform to make large amounts of real-time data accessible to the general public and public administrators.


Reducing operational costs across the city

Thanks to CARTO Engine, Telefónica developed Urbo, a Smart Cities dashboard that processes real-time data, providing role-based access to different decision-makers across a city. With machine learning algorithms, cities and governments are able to optimize resources such as waste collection or energy costs and align KPI to reduce the public sector’s carbon footprint.

Telefonica Urbo


Interactive data visualizations and analysis within a user-friendly dashboard

By leveraging CARTO’s software and APIs, Telefónica has been able to build one of the leading Smart Cities products in the European market and provide a real-time IoT dashboard that enables the public sector decision-makers to reduce costs and build more efficient cities.


Want to process and analyze real-time data?

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