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EDP is a CARTO customer

Client Challenge

EDP wanted to maximize new solar panel installations with spatial models to identify areas with the highest customer propensity in order to target geomarketing campaigns.

CARTO’s Solution

Using Random Forest (RF) models & KMeans we were able to calculate expected installation numbers at postcode granularity, using socioeconomic & climate data to enrich existing internal CRM data.



Vodafone is a CARTO customer

Client Challenge

Vodafone wanted to include twin area functionality in their Vodafone Analytics solution, allowing their B2B clients to identify similar behaviour patterns by location using footfall data.

CARTO’s Solution

Our Data Science team developed a similarity score, calculating the distance between cells with a L2 norm on a principal component space - tackling missing values following an ensemble probabilistic approach.


Gallatin Association of

Client Challenge

Gallatin County (Montana) wanted to provide precise information about land water rights and available wells for Real Estate operations.

CARTO’s Solution

An intuitive solution for all members of their Real Estate association in which they can explore and navigate across different counties, pulling information about parcel owners.



El Corte Inglés is a CARTO customer

Client Challenge

Understand how customers move in shopping malls, allowing them to find products and stock availability, guiding them to their favorite brands (e.g. offering them help from a shop assistant).

CARTO’s Solution

Two mobile apps using indoor maps and analytics in which customers get the fastest route to their destination, or where they can get customized offers based on their purchase records.

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What enterprise organizations face today...

  • Ramping up a team to solve complex problems spatially at the pace that business needs dictate is challenging.

  • In particular, Spatial Data Scientists are hard to find: there are 4 Data Science job postings for every Data Scientist in the market.

  • Limited geospatial expertise to scope, define, and deliver complex projects.

How CARTO can help

  • Our data scientists, geographers, computer scientists, designers, and engineers have over 180 years of combined experience solving geospatial problems across the globe.

  • Our 25-strong team of Spatial Data Science experts are ready to hit the ground running.

  • With over 80 Enterprise organizations served, our team knows what it takes to unlock the power of spatial analysis and can fast track your projects.

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