Deploy CARTO inside Snowflake

For organizations grappling with restrictive access to data, intricate network configurations, or stringent security protocols.

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Streamlined Deployment and Maintenance

With one-click installation through the Snowflake Marketplace, you can save valuable time and resources in deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Enhanced Performance

By residing within the Snowflake environment, CARTO's performance is optimized, as data processing occurs in the same place as the data source.

Heightened Security

With data never leaving Snowflake's secure environment, organizations can work with larger datasets and complex analytics operations in a safe and controlled manner.

CARTO platform is available as a Snowflake Native App integrated with Snowpark Container Services

Builder’s drag and drop analytics empower business analysts to optimize operations and quickly deploy location applications. Free yourself from reliance on GIS specialists and put the power of location intelligence directly in your hands.

Advanced spatial analysis at scale

Snowflake users such as Indigo AG & Werner can easily access CARTO's spatial analytics capabilities directly within the Snowflake environment, including geospatial visualization, analysis, and app development functionalities.