CARTO for Retail

The leading cloud native spatial analytics platform for retailers

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Tackle the most important retail decisions using spatial analytics

Whether you’re expanding, consolidating or repurposing your store network, CARTO for Retail brings together data, powerful spatial analytics and out-of-box apps, natively in the cloud.

CARTO for Retail seamlessly integrates with the leading cloud data platforms, including BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift and Databricks.

Run advanced point-and-click analytics natively, simplify data workflows and eliminate any limits on scalability.

Cloud native spatial analytics with CARTO

Using CARTO Builder, carry out point-and-click analytics and create striking, interactive map visualizations to understand customers, monitor store performance, and identify expansion opportunities. Easily share analysis results as interactive dashboards across the organization.

Ingest customer and store location data in almost any format, and enhance with 3rd party data streams from our Data Observatory. Thousands of demographic, points of interest, behavioral and human mobility datasets, from leading providers, to enrich your retail analytics, whethers it’s for site selection, geomarketing or supply chain optimization use cases.

Run advanced spatial analysis for the most common retail uses cases with our cloud-native Analytics Toolbox. Using simple SQL, drive customer analytics and site selection decisions using clustering, commercial hotspots, whitespace, twin areas analysis and predict planned store revenues. With Workflows you can design, run and share your analysis using a visual, no-code automation tool.

CARTO for Retail offers out-of-the-box applications for Retailers, accessed through a unified workspace. Our Site Selection app includes data, advanced visualization and embedded models to pinpoint the best locations for network expansion. CARTO for Retail also provides a full suite of APIs and developer frameworks to build your own web-based spatial applications.


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