Behavioral Data

By looking at behavioral data insights, decision-makers in Retail, Real Estate, CPG & beyond can gain geospatial insights into consumers. Looking at different segments of geosocial data in relation to physical assets can provide relevant information for marketing, expansion, consolidation, merchandising and much more.

How to use this data in CARTO?

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Example of Behavioral Data Analysis

Outdoor Advertising Firms

Outdoor Advertising firms turn to geosocial data to understand consumer behaviour trends - ensuring they push their customer's campaigns in the right location, at the right time, to the right audiences. This social media based data can provide OOH firms with unique insights to drive better campaign ROI.

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Example of Behavioral Data Analysis


Retailers rely on geosocial data to look at the relationships between social media behaviors and restaurant sales, enabling QSRs to optimize their brick and mortar footprint accordingly in each territory. In this example, a chain compared their sites in Los Angeles and Chicago using data from and Mastercard.

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Example of Behavioral Data Analysis

CPG Brands

CPG companies use geosocial data to understand where certain categories might perform best, analyzing point of sale networks to identify gaps and target locations for sales and marketing to source more POS. Market-leaders in CPG use this data in CARTO to take their shopper insights to a new level, gaining market share and boosting sales.

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