Boundary Data

High-quality, up-to-date boundary data is one of the core components of an effective spatial analysis or GIS application. Using CARTO, Data Scientists, Analysts & Developers can save time sourcing & evaluating boundary data.

How to use this data in CARTO?

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Example of GIS Boundary Data

Automotive brands

Automotive brands, such as Renault, rely on our platform to bring together hundreds of data points relating to their showrooms and clients across Europe, allowing them to provide accurate insights for network optimization.

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Example of GIS Boundary Data

Retail Big Box Stores

Retail Big Box Stores in the US use our platform to bring together their internal data on sales and performance with external credit card insights and US parcel boundary data. This allows them to understand performance at zip code level, which is still often used as the common denominator for spatial analysis.

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Example of GIS Boundary Data



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