Point of Interest (POI) Data

Point of Interest GIS data is one of the most commonly used spatial data formats. Using CARTO you can access POIs that are accurate, delivering reliable spatial context on real-world locations by showing restaurants, stores, schools and much more.

How to use this data in CARTO?

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Example of POI data analysis

Retail Big Box Stores

Retail Big Box Stores in the US use CARTO’s platform to bring together their internal data on sales and performance with external credit card insights from Mastercard and POI data. This allows them to identify potential targets for expansion or consolidation, seeing how other competing stores are located.

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Example of POI data analysis

Urban Planning Specialists

Cities used our POI data to understand urban inequality trends. In this example, the Human Dynamics group at the MIT Media Lab brought together multiple location data sources to understand human behavior and how large-scale problems like transportation, housing, segregation or inequality depend in part on the emergent patterns of people’s individual opportunities and choices.


POI Data


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Example of POI data analysis

CPG Firms

CPG firms select pop up sites by using CARTO’s POI data to identify where certain target segments may also visit, allowing them to reduce the risk of a poor site decision. By looking at age, gender, rental price data, and transport accessibility, CPG firms can identify ideal locations based on the target audience of the product potentially being sold at the pop-up site.

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