How Vodafone creates Insights from Mobile Data

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How important is Location Intelligence for Vodafone?

For us, Location Intelligence is critical because we manage networks where it is critical to understand where a customer is, where they are moving, to give them the best service. As well as to understand where we can give them fiber or other technologies. What we’re trying to do today is to take all these experiences to our customers. So using location intelligence to provide them better services and to be able to help them in making decisions.

What are the challenges and opportunities with Location Data?

For us, the biggest challenges are the accuracy and precision of the data. We want to provide the best and most accurate service to our customers. We want to build a product which is able to predict where people are moving, getting to a precision where we know exactly where people are going from and to. That’s why we need to overcome that challenge by building technologies using very complicated algorithms and software to be able to get to that level of precision. And to be better than our competition.

Why does Vodafone partner with CARTO?

What I see in CARTO is first of all, knowledge. The very knowledge of people who are leaders in location intelligence. Secondly, they are agile so they move fast and they are able to deliver things very quickly. And thirdly, I think they know how to work with large companies and partners, with companies like us, like Vodafone.