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Whether you’re planning or measuring the effectiveness of Out of Home Advertising campaigns, using offline data to understand the “real-world” behaviour of consumers is a must.

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Decision-makers in Outdoor Media are under pressure to hold on tight to their market share against other advertising formats, proving and communicating the return-on-investment that brands will see from OOH. With plenty of hype about Digital Out-of-Home and going programmatic, the leading media owners, buyers and agencies realize that DOOH cannot thrive without a sophisticated data strategy. Traditional data collection methods need to be renewed, with new location data streams being used to hypertarget campaigns spatially.

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Are your media campaigns generating real results? Using offline data to understand how consumers behave in the “real-world” is the most effective tool to prove the ROI of your media dollars. Many brands and agencies make the mistake of thinking that digital metrics are enough to measure campaign effectiveness, when really they need to connect their online campaigns with the offline actions of their consumers - considering location data streams such as POIs, foot traffic and spending behaviour.

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Whether you are identifying pop-up store locations for the launch of a new product, or planning your mobile advertising strategy - building a “geomarketing” strategy is fundamental to make sound decisions with more spatial context on your target audiences. Boost your existing planning and martech solutions by connecting them with new location data streams to ensure that your strategy evolves according to target segment behaviour.

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Take the pain away from selecting, collecting, and consuming spatial data with our Data Observatory, a one-stop shop for all things geospatial data.

Augment your own data and broaden your analysis with a wide range of curated datasets on standardized spatial aggregations.



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