InnovaChallenge MX Contest: Develop applications with open data from BBVA


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InnovaChallenge MX Contest: Develop applications with open data from BBVA


The world is slowly being filled with open data (at last!). More and more organizations are understanding the need and usefulness of opening up data sets. But when we talk open data we tend to think -only- in public administrations and non-profit organizations making their data accessible. But what about private companies? Wouldn't them also benefit from people reusing that data their creativity and ideas the creation of ecosystems and the whole lot?

Welcome global bank BBVA (with origins in Spain but presence in 31 countries including most of Latin America and the United States) who believes in open data APIs and the reutilization of customer information as important elements. To start testing this waters they have launched the InnovaChallengeMX contest.

The aim is to promote an open culture of exchange between the bank and developer communities throughout the world. CartoDB will be partnering providing technical support publishing posts and webcasts in the challenge platform and of course giving access to its infrastructure to the participants.

BBVA is opening an API to access information about credit card transacations between November 2013 and April 2014 in the Mexico City Guadalajara and Monterrey (representing more than 20 million people!). You can access now the API (information is dissociated irreversible and aggregated data in order to preserve individual and bussiness privacy).

A practical use case of this API is this visualization of the economic impact of the MWC in Barcelona made using CartoDB.

In the site you can checkout several posts about open data in México data visualization how-tos CartoDB… In addition to that don't miss our webinars (many of them in Spanish):

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