CartoDB proposal to the Knight News Challenge on data


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
CartoDB proposal to the Knight News Challenge on data

Lots of things going on lately we're sorry we haven't been able to update the blog. We've been attending interesting meetings here and there (Paris Berlin NY Madrid") giving workshops releasing new updates and working on a new set of functionalities to be included in the next version of CartoDB. If you follow the blog of Vizzuality (the developers of CartoDB) you may know by now that we're also launching new projects —check out the Endangered Languages Project collaborative effort. More to come in the following weeks.

We've also sent a proposal to the second round of this year's Knight Foundation News Challenge. We're looking for their support to push the development of CartoDB and make geospatial and real-time data widely accessible to journalists and researchers. You can read the detailed 500-words proposal here.


The Knight News Challenge is doing an amazing job accelerating media innovation. We were gratifyingly surprised when we read about their new call for data projects focused on "new ways of collecting understanding visualizing and helping the public use the large amounts of information generated each day". This is the direction we have been moving CartoDB since we started our work. As an open source user-friendly geospatial platform we think the CartoDB is a perfect fit for the Knight News Challenge.

Since CartoDB was launched we've been collaborating with universities data experts journalists and media companies to develop and test the platform as a useful tool for journalism research and data exploring and visualization. We have learned so much and seen such amazing creativity over the past year from the users of CartoDB. Through their feedback and our knowledge of ongoing innovation on the web we aim to transform the way journalists work with data and create maps.

In the upcoming version of CartoDB we're aiming toward a new set of tools to allow users to effortlessly combine novel data sources with online repositories and real-time data streams to analyze visualize and share new findings. We're also working on a map editor that will enable dynamic styling and annotation of maps for online sharing.

Feel free to share our proposal with others comment and like it if you're interested. The Knight Foundation encourages participants to promote their proposal through social networks and readers engagement. We're more than happy to make you part of the project!

Hey and if you're a soccer fan we've managed to find some time to develop a quick experiment: the Euro2012 Color Wheel inspired by The Champions Ring by our friends at Hyperakt.