New Academy Lesson: Composite Operations in CartoCSS


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New Academy Lesson: Composite Operations in CartoCSS

Have you ever had trouble making your map look legible when it has a large numer of overlapping elements? Have you ever wanted to control subtle effects when one geometry overlays multiple geometries of different colors? You can solve all of these problems and more by using the composite operations baked into the CartoCSS map design language!

In our new Map Academy lesson How to Use Composite Operations in CartoCSS we will go over many of the common composite operations and when and how to use them. The subtle effects produce a big win for cartographic design!

This lesson is the latest in our Intermediate Design course. Comp-ops give you power over how much the elements of your map stand out compared to others by letting you fine-tune how color and transparency blend between your map layers. The lesson discusses the purpose of the composite operations available through the wizard menus and then show how to go beyond them with your custom CartoCSS!

We have much more coming on the subject of design possibilities within CartoDB. If you want more be sure to check out the other lesson in our Intermediate Design course and the newly added CartoCSS documentation!

Besides the new content check out our new Map Academy site design! Now it's easier for you to choose a lesson according to level navigate via the sidebar and keep track of your course progress. This design change is just the start of a lot more to come to Map Academy.

We hope you find the new site design and new lesson useful. Share your comp-op maps with us in the lesson comments! If you have feedback on this lesson or want to suggest another please let us know at

Happy map making!