Two weeks left to submit projects for Insight: A Data and Design Competition!


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Two weeks left to submit projects for Insight: A Data and Design Competition!

There have been many exciting happenings this month at CartoDB. From growing our partnership with Code for America to our upcoming CartoCamp at NYU it's been a busy week for our community! Earlier this month we also announced [Insight. A Data and Design Competition] in conjunction with Measure a Storefront for Art and Architecture exhibit in New York City. We have had a lot of insightful projects already submitted and with the August 31st deadline just short of two weeks away we want to inspire our world of map makers to submit some great maps and creative projects!

Since our open call for submissions launched the submissions have been rolling in and we can't be more excited. We've featured all of the submitted maps at Measure on a rolling basis to be seen by thousands of exhibit goers! We wanted to take the time to celebrate some of these entries and in the process inspire you and your creative teams to submit be displayed at Storefront and even win some great prizes! Checkout some fo the great submissions below and check back often for more!

Invisible Neighborhoods

Invisible Neighborhoods uses crowdsourced data to render boundaries and stories from members of the community at large. Participants are free to draw and name neighborhoods and view those drawn by others. There are no rules about what participants may include in their neighborhood descriptions which results in a rich mix of social commentary history personal experience and idealistic day dreaming. Checkout the interactive project by clicking below!

insight invisible

I Move

Everywhere I've walked or biked in the last 900+ days. Our phone carriers governments and software providers have subpoena'able access to our phones location data and have the ability to use it to build up a fairly complete map of our life. We never get to see this map. What does it look like? What does it say about us? What assumptions can you make about someone's life this way and how right or wrong are they?

Internaut Explorer

Our ability to investigate the depths of the Web is severely limited by keyword search. What if we simply want to explore? This project is a novel Web navigation paradigm; millions of pages from an open-content directory ( placed on an interactive map. It visualizes the directory in a way that can be used for both intentional and accidental information seeking. The serendipity inherent in its visual design is a purposeful characteristic that lets you wander the wilderness of the Web. Checkout the interactive site here or by clicking below!


Time Zones & Cities Map of the World

I conceived of and created this map during Azavea's Art Hack day in August of 2013. Each year Azavea holds an annual Hack Day where the whole company works together on projects around a specific theme. The theme for 2013 was “Art Hack Day” with goals of creating art out of data and to work together projects that transcend teams.

This simple map uses cartocss and open data to create a visually appealing interactive map that allows its users to explore the world as a canvas.

Instagramming the High Line

The success of Instagram has created the potential for a new dimension of public participation in the landscape. Enormous volumes of visual data harnessed through the Instagram API Console are at our fingertips and as viewed on the accompanying maps the outcomes have the potential to offer practitioners a unique behind the scenes vantage point.

Talk about inspiration! These are only a few of the many great submissions we've received already. If you haven't done so yet checkout the [competiton criteria] and submit your mapping project today! Remember: Submission deadline is August 31st.

Wether you're new to CartoDB or a seasoned cartographer [Insight] is a great opportunity to share and celebrate amazing work! If you're new start by creating a free account then checkout our common data and other data resources to make your first visualization in minutes. Additionally our documentation pages and our CartoDB academy courses can help even the most seasoned map-maker grow their skills!

Happy Data Mapping!