Interesting CartoDB profiles


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Interesting CartoDB profiles


As part of the launch of the new CartoDB Public Pages we are proud to introduce you to some amazing Public Pages from great CartoDB users. If you want us to showcase your pages ping us at or tweet @cartodb!

LifeWatch INBO

>LifeWatch INBO is a biodiversity initiative in charge of several terrestrial and freshwater observatories. They use CartoDB to visualize and analyze the movements and paths of birds and other animals. Check it out at > Also don't miss LifeWatch INBO's site.

Twitter Data - Simon Rogers

Simon Rogers is the data editor at Twitter and was the creator of The Guardian Datablog. In his CartoDB Public Page you can find all the amazing visualizations of Twitter activity he has created.


Geoplex is an australian CartoDB partner creators of amazing tools like TripRisk or Check out all their visualizations at

Create your Public Page today

If you already are a CartoDB user you can start showcasing your work in your CartoDB Public Page today. Remember that by default all previous content is not listed in your CartoDB page. But its easy to start building your page! You just have to select the visualizations and tables you want to have listed in your Public Page. Its as easy as changing the privacy feature:


(our free users remember: once you select that a visualization or table become listed you can't go back unless you upgrade to take advantage of the full privacy options ;)

And if you are not yet a CartoDB user what are you waiting for? Start visualizing your data today.