Introducing Andy Eschbacher!


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Introducing Andy Eschbacher!

Andy Eschbacher

As the New York team continues setting up our new home in Williamsburg we're excited to introduce our newest addition. World meet Andy.

Andy hails from the Midwest (which means he's well-mannered and approachable) but don't let that fool you. He's lived more places than most.

After earning two masters degrees in mathematical physics #casual from the University of Texas in Austin and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland Andy and his teacher-in-training fiancée Corinne are settling down on New York's Upper West Side.

When Andy isn't designing courses for the Map Academy he enjoys biking in Central Park and visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. His favorite part about immersing himself in CartoDB is exploring the ways in which maps can change our perspectives. In the future Andy hopes to apply his mathematical mind to developing unexpected visualizations.

Welcome Andy!