New Map Series: Less Is More


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New Map Series: Less Is More

Less Is More

In the big complex world of mapping data it's often easy to forget the significant impact that simple and elegant visualizations can have. For this reason we are proud to announce our new map series Less Is More! Our new series brings together strikingly simple map designs that tell big impactful stories. Click here to check out the series!

While of course we at CartoDB love complex data visualization as much as the next mapper we feel it's important to sometimes take a step back kick off your shoes and remember that simple designs are often the most powerful - just look at this Map of the US as drawn by the expansion of Walmart!

As you may have noticed in the past months we at CartoDB have been working hard to bring you state-of-the-art mapping resources and tools such as unimited map views really cool new basemaps and ever expanding lessons at our CartoDB Academy. We are always excited to see how our mapping community is using our tools to bring their maps to the next level so be sure to share your creations with us on Twitter tag your striking Less Is More visualizations and stay tuned for more maps to come!

Happy Mapping!