Magical PostGIS in three brief movements & CartoDBeers


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Magical PostGIS in three brief movements & CartoDBeers

Next Wednesday April 15th we're hosting a new edition of CartoDBeers - the informal gathering where we talk about maps tech and latest news. This time we are proud to welcome our very own Paul Ramsey who will be presenting 'Magical PostGIS in three brief movements.'

Everyone knows you can query a bounding box or even spatially join tables in PostGIS but what about more advanced magic? This short PostGIS session will look at using advanced features of PostGIS and PostgreSQL to accomplish surprising results.

Paul will be sharing his knowledge and experiences followed by a Q&A session. Following the event stick around for a nice chat over beers. If you're in Madrid please join us next Wednesday from 7pm! Confirm your attendance here.

CartoDBeers will be at: Calle Eloy Gonzalo 27 3 28010 Madrid

See you there & Happy Mapping!