How Spatial Data Powers the Reimagination of OOH

Clear Channel Outdoor

Clear Channel Outdoor


The Client

Clear Channel Outdoor are one of the world’s largest outdoor media companies. Across their large, diverse out-of-home portfolio of half a million sites in 21 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America, they boost brands by connecting them with the people they want to reach, with media and ideas that enlighten, entertain, charm, challenge, and influence.

The Challenge

Clear Channel Outdoor uses mobile location data to link the physical and digital worlds by identifying devices exposed to their OOH panels and collecting these insights within their RADAR® product. They needed a way for advertisers to easily access insights dervied from this data to help them with their campaign planning.


RADARView® is a dynamic campaign planning tool that uses aggregated, anonymized mobile location data to help advertisers plan Out of Home campaigns more effectively. The tool does this by showing what audience groups pass by Clear Channel’s panels and mapping them to all of Clear Channel’s advertising estate, allowing advertisers to choose the panels that are best suited to reach their target audience. Advertisers can choose panels based on audience attributes such as demographics, shopping habits, or travel patterns.



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