Night at the Museum


Join us at the American Museum of Natural History's Educator's Evening on January 30.

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Night at the Museum
AMNH Whale from AMNH website

CartoDB is excited to participate in the American Museum of Natural History's [Educator's Evening] on January 30. We're excited because we know that secondary and primary students will do amazing things with maps.

What makes CartoDB an exemplary addition to the classroom is it's flexible interface for collaboration  visually stunning graphics  and it's ease of use. Literally any explorer can become a map maker.

Last Fall  local New York City high school students used CartoDB and open datasets to explore their own questions related to the impacts of climate change on New York City.

Using various techniques  the students familiarized themselves with how to use and tell stories with a broad range of data. More importantly  the students were able to engage in a discussion about the maps  apply critical thinking to interpret the stories the maps were telling  and demonstrate a new understanding of how effective  confusing  or misleading maps can be.

"Working in CartoDB allowed these students to think about and interact with data in a way they never had before. We as educators learned that a tool such as CartoDB could effectively be incorporated into our curriculum " observed Hannah Jaris  Senior Coordinator at AMNH.

Each student walked away with a new interest in cartography and the concepts of visualizing data in new ways.

The final projects (group and individual) consisted of analysis of the impacts of Hurricane Sandy on New York City  a close examination of the 100 year flood zones around Manhattan - or the areas that have a 1% chance of flooding each year in the year 2050  and the location of FEMA Evacuation Zones related to our highest need populations.

You can review the students amazing works here.

CartoDB will be at AMNH tonight to chat and demonstrate the power of map making in the classroom.

Happy mapping!