What You May Have Missed at CARTO Locations Madrid


Did you miss all of the excitement at CARTO Locations Madrid? Check out the news and announcements here! Also a sneak peak at CARTO Locations New York

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What You May Have Missed at CARTO Locations Madrid

With significant buzz on social media and in the press and an uptick in industry analysis and research Location Intelligence is more important and present than ever. Still there remains only one conference devoted to all things LI. CARTO Locations Madrid the 2nd annual Location Intelligence Summit brought together attendees from all over the globe and next week Locations comes to New York.

With over 300 attendees from across dozens of industries and expert speakers discussing the latest developments in Location Intelligence and Geospatial Analytics Locations Madrid explored how Location Intelligence can solve today’s complex problems. Presentations and networking breakouts featured hot topics like data privacy and security smart cities projects data visualization and more.

CARTO Locations New York runs from May 23rd-24th and is a must-attend event for anyone working with location data visualization cartography and more! CARTO Locations New York 2018

Experts Shine a Light On Developments In Location Intelligence

Bookended by keynotes from CEO Javier de la Torre Head of Strategic Partnerships at Waze Avichai Bakst and Madrid's Vice Mayor Luis Cueto Álvarez de Sotomayor CARTO Locations Madrid featured speakers exploring the most pressing topics in Location Intelligence and Spatial Analytics.

Vodafone's Strategic Marketing Director Raffaele Gricinella for example discussed how companies can use mobile data in new ways unlocking a deeper understanding of customer behaviors and bolstering decision making. Attendees learned how the team at Vodafone uses machine learning to crunch billions of mobile data events to mine for new insights.

Thought leaders from companies like Sanitas Maptionnaire BBVA Microsoft and Geographica shared their experiences and discussed the evolution of modern data sources analytics techniques and the future of the industry.

More on the keynote announcement from Javier de la Torre Avichai Bakst and Luis Cueto Álvarez de Sotomayor:

Announcing The Solutions and Technologies Transforming Location Intelligence.

CARTO took to the stage at Locations Madrid to announce their latest projects from fully built solutions to brand new tools features and resources.


Many businesses cities and organizations face similar core challenges as they work towards optimizing their processes to be more efficient providing effective service and drawing the most insight from their data. It is with these core challenges in mind that CARTO and its partners are working to provide out-of-the-box Location Intelligence Solutions two of which were announced at Locations Madrid.


  • Traffico: A Traffic Management solution powered by crowdsourced GPS data helping cities to better understand traffic patterns and make more informed infrastructure and traffic management decisions. Traffico combines real-time and historical traffic data from city sources and alongside crowdsourced data from the Waze Connected Citizens Program.
  • Vodafone Analytics: Turning Vodafone's mobile network event data into spatial insight for the Retail Tourism Mobility and Outdoor Media industries.

Tools and Functionality for the development of Location Intelligence Apps:

In addition to the solutions announced a major point of emphasis at the event was on building the modern Location Intelligence tech stack. Locations Madrid saw the announcement of new tools and resources designed to meet the needs of developers who are building their own powerful solutions.


  • Airship: A front-end library of components for designing Location Intelligence applications. Designers and developers can utilize the library to generate styles interactive elements typography and many more design elements optimized specifically for location applications with minimal coding requirements.
  • CARTO.js 4.0: A Javascript library for developers to build fully cloud-managed location applications faster than before skipping the complicated GIS developer libraries and backend setup. With CARTO.js and Airship businesses can speed up development and cut costs without a GIS expert on hand.
  • Developer Center: The authority for learning how to build design and deploy location intelligence applications. The Developer Center provides complete and accessible guides pre-built apps and documentation for all the APIs and SDKs needed when building apps.

New Data Streams

The CARTO team took the opportunity to introduce a new data strategy centered on derivative data. Unlike traditional static data sets Derivative data streams pull raw data from actual business transactions and events.


Combined from multiple sources such as financial transactions GPS and telco social media and vehicle sensors these data streams allow citizens governments and organizations to make decisions based on the current state of a situation rather than making assumptions on what likely happened in the past.

The first of these derivative data streams the Foot Traffic data layer is now available in CARTO's Data Observatory. It combines mobile events and GPS data to measure the number of pedestrians in transit to and from distinct locations. Users can leverage insights about foot traffic to make critical business decisions such as site selection marketing planning competitive analysis or sales forecasting.

CARTO Locations New York!

While Locations Madrid was packed with impactful speakers news and announcements there is still more to come.

Two days of sessions are filled out with talks by leaders from The City of New York The City of San Diego Mastercard Hodges Ward Elliot and more! Make sure to not to miss keynotes from Kespry CEO George Matthew Enigma's VP of Compliance and Financial Crimes Solutions Angel Nguyen Swift and other industry leaders.

Register now for CARTO Location New York (May 23rd-24th) a one-of-a-kind Location Intelligence summit and an opportunity to connect with peers and experts and build the networks that will drive a new wave of collaboration and development.

We look forward to seeing you there!