Time’s Running Out! Voting for FOSS4G-NA 2016


Vote for CartoDB's sessions at FOSS4G-NA 2016! Explore Python, Urban Scratchoff, Big Metadata, Information Commons, Decision Making Data, and Dynamic Maps.

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Time’s Running Out! Voting for FOSS4G-NA 2016

CartoDB at FOSS4G NA 2016

CartoDB is very excited about the upcoming FOSS4G-NA conference!

We've given sessions at the conference for the last 2 years and hope 2016 won't be an exception. Held in Raleigh  North Carolina from May 2-5  this is the premiere conference for free  open source software designed for geospatial in North America. Thousands of participants and hundreds of companies converge to share  demo  and talk about the things we love most.

In order to see us there we need your help!

FOSS4G NA has opened up [community voting] to allow participants to have a say in what sessions they would like to see at this year’s conference. You can vote for as many panels as you'd like! Voting remains open until February 8  2016  11:59 EST.

Here are CartoDB’s proposed sessions:

  • [Wrapping up Python into a Cloud-based PostgreSQL] by Andy Eschbacher
  • [Building Urban Scratchoff - An Experimental Technique Using Canvas Tiles] by Chris Whong
  • [Big Metadata: Mapping the Web’s Data Resources] by John Krauss
  • [The Information Commons: Ecosystems, Public Discourse, and Open Source GIS] by Santiago Giraldo
  • [Decision Making Data: The Open Source Future of Government Technology] by Sanitago Giraldo
  • [Workshop: Building Dynamic Maps] with CartoDB by Santiago Giraldo
  • [Machine Learning on Geospatial Datasets for Segmentation, Prediction and Modeling] by Stuart Lynn.

Cast your [votes] for our 5 star panels!

We can't wait to see you at FOSS4G-NA 2016!