Spreading Location Intelligence all around the world


Thanks to our Partners for a year of growth in location intelligence! Join our network, explore projects, and anticipate more in 2017. Happy Data Mapping!

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Spreading Location Intelligence all around the world

The location intelligence industry experienced steady progress in the last twelve months  from a surge in business platform integration to advances in indoor mapping. The growth that we've made would not have been possible without the continuous support  and fervent momentum  of our amazing Partners. We’d like to thank our expanding Partners network for their unwavering support throughout 2016.

During the year  our company acquired Nutiteq  rebranded  and introduced Builder. In that time our network of Partners increased from 90 to 160. This led us to hire more Partner managers  a team now composed of Tony Ferreira (LATAM), Isabel Gárate (EMEA), Joe Pringle (NA), Fernando Carrasco (APAC), and most recently Tim Marston (UK).

Our Partners' diligent outreach and promotion helped expand our international presence to more than 44 countries.

Interested in joining an exciting network of partners committed to democratizing location intelligence? Contact us!

Here’s a small sampling of recent work from our Partners:

One resolution we have made for 2017 is to continue to support our Partners by offering more training [events], workshops, and webinars to help ease the transition to CARTO Builder.

With all the progress made in the last year, we cannot wait to see the potential of location intelligence and what our Partners innovate. Check back soon for more Partner-specific announcements!

Happy Data Mapping in 2017!