A Warm Welcome to CartoDB’s New Ambassadors


Meet CARTODB's new ambassadors - browse our members' gallery today!

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A Warm Welcome to CartoDB’s New Ambassadors
CartoDB Ambassadors

We are happy to announce our new [CartoDB Ambassadors] page — we want to reward our our influential mappers for all their great work in CartoDB! As an Ambagitssador mapper you will be able to display a portfolio of maps on our site with increased visibility in the mapping community. We will blog about your projects and share them throughout the CartoDB community.

With a free boosted Ambassadors account you will be invited to test new platform features in beta and enjoy other perks like free extra space and sync tables.

You will be able to search our Data Library for the resources you need for your maps: search by administrative regions cultural physical and historic datasets the US Census building footprints and more. You can also search the Library by number.

A new simplified and well-designed documentation page can guide you through selecting the right tools for your project. The Map Academy pages have also been updated so you can easily browse and identify just the right tutorial to get you on the right track.

Want to join our stellar community of mappers? Take a look through our current members gallery and apply today.

Happy data mapping!