Announcing the Spatial Data Scientist of the Year 2021


As #SDSC21 draws to a close today, we reflect on the conference & announce the winner of the Spatial Data Scientist of the Year Award!

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Announcing the Spatial Data Scientist of the Year 2021

What a week it has been! Thousands of you attended this year's Spatial Data Science Conference 2021 (#SDSC21) featuring 53 speakers across 35 interactive talks workshops and panels.

At this year's conference the Spatial Data Scientist of the Year 2021 was awarded and we are very pleased to announce Iacopo Testi as the winner!

Iacopo Testi  Spatial Data Scientist of the Year 2021

Iacopo works at the intersection of Data Science Sustainability and Urbanism applying Artificial Intelligence models to the urban domain. He provides applied state-of-art case studies to advance the economic environmental and social sustainability of cities. He contributes with insights regarding supervised and unsupervised learning techniques to transform urban environments into sustainability cities.

During his time at RHEA Group he was selected to be sponsored by the European Space Agency within its Network of Resources (NoR) with a proposal called Urban Forestry Science.

Through his column on Urban AI he writes on several intelligent automation solutions as deep artificial neural networks machine learning and clustering models exclusively focused on urban topics.

Iacopo is also a faculty staff member within the Michael Graves College of Public Architecture where he teaches the courses of representation and design studio. He collaborated closely with other faculty members to structure the syllabus framework and briefs and under his guidance students were shortlisted by the 'Rome Collective Living Challenge' international competition and selected for department publications.

Many congratulations to Iacopo!

SDSC21 may have finished but the learning and networking doesn't stop here. If you missed any of the talks you can catch up on-demand on our YouTube channel and keep the conversation going with the hashtag <a href="

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We look forward to seeing you at #SDSC22!

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