AsistenciaCOVID-19 Available in Five New Regions of Spain


AsistenciaCOVID-19, the self diagnosis app which CARTO is collaborating on, is now available in five new regions of Spain.

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AsistenciaCOVID-19 Available in Five New Regions of Spain

The official self diagnosis and COVID-19 information app launched last month by the Community of Madrid has now been made available by the Spanish Government in five new autonomous communities of Spain: Asturias Canarias Cantabria Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura.

The app which has been launched by the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence attached to the Third Vice Presidency of the Government and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation was developed by CARTO in collaboration with ForceManager and mendesaltaren with additional support from Telefónica Ferrovial Google and Santander.

The app can be used via web or mobile (iOS and Android) and allows self-diagnosis the ability for citizens to receive clear advice and guidance and for them to receive reminders to periodically monitor the status of their health. In no case does it constitute a service for medical diagnosis emergency care or prescription of pharmacological treatments.

AsistenciaCOVID-19 is available today Click here to access the web app.

The app is already relieving the heavy burden on health systems and allowing authorities to increase the effectiveness of their response.

Open for All

The app will allow for unified and homogeneous data thereby contributing to the management of the epidemic at a national level. The Spanish Government also plans to release the source code so that other official bodies can implement their own versions of the app adapting the tool to their self-assessment and triage health protocol. This will help guarantee accessibility and equal opportunities by putting technology at the service of society as a whole.

We hope that the effort made to create this web and mobile app will serve to benefit communities around the world in their fight to control COVID-19. In fact we have already received interest in its use by international organizations that seek to adapt the application for their local environment and with whom we are already working to achieve that objective.
Carme Artigas Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence

Data Privacy

The Spanish Government guarantees the protection and security of the data that is collected by the app.

Using the GPS geolocation system of the mobile phone and with the user's explicit permission the autonomous community in which they are located will be verified in order to personalize responses based on the respective legislation in place.

All the data that the application collects is necessary to be able to offer appropriate advice. In no case will the data be used to check compliance with containment measures. Access to data will only be allowed by healthcare professionals and authorized authorities.

Personal data will be kept for the duration of the health crisis and once finalized will be stored anonymously to be processed for statistical research or public policy purposes for a maximum period of two years.

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