ATTOM in CARTO: School District Boundary Maps


School District Boundary Data from ATTOM Data Solutions is now available within our Data Observatory for use in your models & spatial analyses

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ATTOM in CARTO: School District Boundary Maps

Location  location  location. A mantra often repeated in the real estate industry since home values are inextricably linked to their location. Home values of course are driven by supply and demand with prices in the UK recently jumping due to pent up demand following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Recently we looked into research by Howsy examining how those buying or renting a new home may be attracted to properties that allow them to walk to work or use micromobility options and consequently where demand may be increasing. Other factors influencing demand and the values of home prices include:

  • Homes near the ocean  rivers  lakes  or parks
  • Homes with sweeping panoramic views of cityscapes  mountains  greenbelts  or golf courses
  • Commercial buildings close to residential property
  • Homes close to railroad tracks  overpasses  airports  and busy intersections
  • Levels of crime
  • Toxic emissions from industrial plants impacting air quality and lower home values

For many of these we already have a wealth of public and premium datasets available within our Spatial Data Catalog to enrich your own data and analysis.

Homebuyers with children are often concerned about their children's education and will pay more for a home that is located in a school district with high test scores and a good reputation.

Aerial photograph of a representation of school boundaries

Today we are pleased to announce that we will be utilizing ATTOM Data Solutions comprehensive school districts and attendance zones datasets in the US and Canada within our Data Observatory.

ATTOM is a leading provider of boundary-based spatial data  offering the largest database ever compiled for school boundaries. Their school boundary solutions cover the entire US and include 13 462 district boundaries and 67 274 school boundaries.

How School Attendance Zone Boundary Works

School attendance zones are the geographic area around a school that defines where students need to live in order to attend.

Graphic showing how school boundary data is compiled

Benefits of School Boundary Data

  • Ease of AccessThe largest database for up-to-date and accurate boundaries data at your fingertips.
  • Precision and AccuracyLongitude and latitude within the specific boundary are validated and positioned for precise location.
  • Data-Driven Decision MakingMake informed decisions using data to understand school utilization and other planning objectives.

Aerial photograph of a representation of a school boundary

Use Cases

Graphic showing use cases for school boundary data

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