CARTO Achieves Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation


We’re excited to announce that CARTO has successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation.

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
CARTO Achieves Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation

Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery is a partner integration validation program that intends to increase customer confidence in partner integrations into Google Cloud BigQuery. As part of this initiative, Google Cloud engineering teams validate partner integrations into BigQuery through a three phase process -  Run a series of data integration tests and compare results against benchmarks, work closely with partners to fill any gaps, and refine documentation for our mutual customers.  

CARTO’s Spatial Extension for BigQuery lets users seamlessly interact with BigQuery hosted location data, moving geospatial analysis to where the data is stored, instead of the other way around. This cloud native approach eliminates ETL complexity and any scalability limits for geospatial workloads. Furthermore, the latest addition to our platform, CARTO Workflows, enables analysts of all skill levels and backgrounds to easily leverage geospatial data and analysis in BigQuery, using a no code, visual interface.

Earning this designation is an important endorsement that CARTO’s cloud-native Location Intelligence platform meets a core set of functional and interoperability requirements when integrating with BigQuery. The designation gives customers the confidence that the CARTO products they are evaluating, or use currently, work seamlessly with Google Cloud’s BigQuery data warehouse.

CARTO is a key partner in the geospatial data analytics space and Google Cloud is pleased to recognize its platform Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery,” said Ritika Suri, Director, Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Achieving this designation indicates that CARTO’s platform has been validated by Google Cloud to deliver a unique customer experience, enabling organizations to unlock the potential of location insights for innumerable use cases.

Ritika Suri, Director, Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud

“Google Cloud is revolutionizing Data Analytics with consistent and powerful tools, including BigQuery. We’re excited to contribute to unlocking geospatial capabilities directly in BigQuery and believe that with this designation CARTO demonstrates to have the most comprehensive Geospatial Analytics platform on the market,” says Javier de la Torre, Founder and CSO at CARTO.

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