Charting New Terrain in eCommerce with Pitney Bowes


CARTO partners with Pitney Bowes to integrate location intelligence into global commerce, enhancing data visualization and analysis

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Charting New Terrain in eCommerce with Pitney Bowes

CARTO is excited to announce a new partnership with Pitney Bowes, a global technology, company powering billions of transactions – both physical and digital – across  the connected and borderlessworld of commerce.

Pitney Bowes (PBI), like CARTO, understands that location intelligence is a crucial component of commerce within a globalized economy. In their 2016 Global Online Shopping Study, for instance, PB found that 66% of online shoppers crossed international borders while completing their retail transaction. “The world is shopping—everywhere—as new consumer behaviors and trends have emerged ” Lila Snyder, PB’s Global eCommerce President, stated in regards to the 2016 survey results.

CARTO’s self-service design enables our partners, like Pitney Bowes, to integrate data visualization features within their internal systems. Currently, we have begun providing internal teams with basemap templates, specifically raster and vector maps, in an effort to add location value to their data.

Whereas a raster map provides a snapshot of a designated geographical location, a vector map allows partners to link their own data alongside zoomable attributes (points, lines, polygons, and texts) providing a more informed assessment of a given location. The map included here, for instance, is from PB’s Street map, a vector map with zooming capabilities capable providing both a side-by-side glimpse of a regional overview and a street-by-street view of lower Manhattan.

This type of data visualization allows Pitney Bowes to start charting trends in different dimensions while also extending reach to other commerce solutions providers and developer-customers.

Pitney Bowes will demonstrate how to easily integrate Location Intelligence in applications, from mobile to IoT, during their 'Learn to GeoEnrich apps, processes, and workflows' webinar, Tuesday October 18th 2016 at 2PM EST. Please register here.

We are thrilled to be assisting PB in these early endeavors, and look forward to future collaborations that will combine our forces to add data layers to PB’s current basemaps and more.

Watch this space for more CARTO and Pitney Bowes joint ventures!