Excited for SXSW 2017? Vote for our CARTO-inspired submissions for Interactive!


CARTO at SXSW 2017! Explore geospatial innovation with our panels - Eye in the Sky, Multi-Dimensional Mapping, Open Geo in the Age of Pokémon Go.

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Excited for SXSW 2017? Vote for our CARTO-inspired submissions for Interactive!

It’s that time of year again! As professionals and technology lovers from across the world flock to Austin, TX for what has become the largest and most prolific event in music, film, and interactive technology. At CARTO we’re focused in on next year’s event to bring our brand of innovation and thought leadership front and center.

This year we’re coming in full force with panels and talks that really seek to push the boundaries of geospatial in interactive design. Be sure to vote for all three of our proposals - mapping  design  and analysis goodness guaranteed!

Today it is a great pleasure to announce our SXSW Interactive PanelPicker submissions for 2017!

Eye in the Sky: Turning Satellite Data into Cash

Our CEO, Javier de la Torre will be exploring the business of how we turn satellite data into meaningful insight. Along with Will Mashal  CEO at Planet Labs, and Mark Johnson, CEO at Descartes Labs. This panel will dive deep into the various ways companies and innovators have revolutionized an industry.

This session explores the business of satellite imagery–from players sending satellites into space to those making sense of data coming down to those turning the data into maps sensible to the human eye. We’ll explore ways businesses use imagery from thousands of miles up to solve real-world problems, while illuminating lesser known ways this data could help make businesses smarter.

Multi-Dimensional Mapping: Storytelling & Analysis

Yours truly, Santiago Giraldo Anduaga, will focus on how maps and analysis give us insights and narrative into varied dimensions of our past, present, and future. We will explore analysis and design in modern web mapping applications built with Javascript and open source projects including CartoCSS, PostgreSQL, and D3.JS.

Open Geo in the Age of Pokémon Go

Our Head of Research and Data, Stuart Lynn, will join Jeffrey Meisel from the US Census, Alyssa Wright from Mapzen, and Levi Wol from the University of Chicago to dive deep into current geospatial trends and what they mean for contemporary designers, scientists, and communities.

Pokemon Go, the game that has users all over the world searching for virtual pocket monsters, has been a runaway success. Beyond augmented reality, Pokemon Go is the first game of its scale that relies so fundamentally on geospatial technology.

The panel will bring together experts from the US Census Bureau, developers of open source location services, statisticians who mine geospatial data and designers of tools that allow the public to analyze geospatial data sources to ask: could it have been built on top of open source software and data? If so how could the massive amounts of data produced be used to for public good? What insights would it afford researchers of our shared environments?

How can you vote?

Voting is open until September 2  2016!

Happy data mapping and see you in Austin!