CARTO & Google Cloud Announce Partnership


CARTO is now a Google Cloud Partner & available on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace enabling analysis & visualization within a rich ecosystem.

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
CARTO & Google Cloud Announce Partnership

Since Google Maps was launched over 15 years ago Google has become a leader in location. Today over 1 billion people use their services every month and with vast amounts of location data being generated across all industries there is an increasing need for geospatial technology that can keep pace.

Continuing our close collaboration with Google Cloud we are pleased to announce that CARTO is now a Google Cloud Partner.

This follows our work building our Data Observatory 2.0 to utilize the incredible foundations and capabilities of Google Cloud and BigQuery and the release of our BigQuery connector allowing the connection of your data stored in Google BigQuery to your CARTO account with simple SQL query for a wide range of use cases.

With this strategic partnership we are also pleased to announce the availability of the world's leading Location Intelligence platform on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace (GCP) furthering our vision to enable clients with next generation spatial data infrastructure.

Why CARTO and Google Cloud Marketplace?

CARTO has been traditionally offered as either a full SaaS solution where we manage the infrastructure or as an on-premise solution where the customer manages the infrastructure. Today we want to make it easier for those users who want to deploy on Google Cloud so we are enabling our platform as a solution on GCP Marketplace. Our goal is to let a user spin their own CARTO instance in a matter of minutes.

We have worked hard to publish CARTO as a solution on GCP Marketplace so you can now spin up our full stack in a virtual machine (VM) in only a few clicks. This will allow Google Cloud and CARTO customers to deploy the most powerful and versatile geospatial engine combined with the cutting edge cloud computing services offered by Google Cloud Platform.

Modern data-intensive use cases require a seamless integration between data sources and analytic tools; CARTO can seamlessly import data from BigQuery enabling data scientists to start crunching their geospatial data quickly and efficiently.

We are very excited to see CARTO go live on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. A wide range of clients in Retail CPG Telecoms Healthcare and beyond are using our technologies together - and we're sure that this integration will enable more companies to use spatial analysis in their business in a more seamless fashion.
Javier de la Torre - Founder and Chief Strategy Officer CARTO


Google Cloud offers a wide range of Virtual Instances that span from 2 to 416 cores and from 2GB to 5.8TB of RAM. Without some fine tuning extracting value from this vertical scalability can be difficult. We have worked hard to ensure users do not have to worry about this bringing some of our deployment technology to GCP Solutions giving you full value for every new vCPU you use.

For example an e2-standard-8 instance with 8 cores provides almost double the amount of tiles per second than when using an n1-standard-4 instance with 4 cores. Therefore depending on your computing and memory requirements you can use the most appropriate instance. In the following graph you can see a benchmark of CARTO running on different configurations:

Benchmark of CARTO running on different configurations

Due to the way that GCP works you can always stop the instance resize and then restart to increase the resources CARTO can use.

Ready in 3 minutes

It's really just a matter of filling the initial deployment form with some configuration basics and you will have a production-ready instance deployed in just 3 minutes!

Deployment options

We have chosen to provide CARTO in 2 different flavors on GCP:

  • Bring Your Own License (carto-enterprise-byol): Your instance will be created but the CARTO stack won't start working until a valid subscription is activated. Contact the CARTO team at to get started with a yearly subscription option that fits your needs.
  • Pay as you go (carto-enterprise-payg): You will be up and running immediately and pay per minute of usage depending on the GB of RAM and vCPUs. You don’t need to get any code from CARTO and the cost is included on your GCP bill.

Google Cloud Next '20

With Google Cloud Next '20: OnAir in full swing we wanted to highlight two talks that may be relevant for those interested in all things Location Intelligence and Google Cloud.

Photograph of speakers at Google Cloud Next

Chad Jennings Product Manager & GIS Lead Google Cloud
Joe Bettridge Consulting Lead TELUS Insights

As geospatial analytics undergoes a fundamental change with the application of cloud computing products learn about Google Cloud's uniquely powerful full–platform solution for geospatial analytics and how customers are using it to reduce query times from hours days or months to minutes.

Photograph of speakers at Google Cloud Next

Javier de la Torre Founder & Chief Strategy Officer CARTO
Shane Glass Developer Advocate Google Cloud

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the reality of millions of lives around the world. This session will highlight how public data the Google Cloud COVID-19 Public Datasets Program and the CARTO platform are contributing to spatial analysis and helping to combat the pandemic.

Towards the next generation Spatial Data Infrastructure

Google Cloud provides some of the most sophisticated analytical tools on the market and we know from our existing customers and partners that they love them. Products like BigQuery together with CARTO represent an opportunity to rethink the Spatial Data Infrastructure architecture of the future. An architecture focused on scalability affordability security and convenience.

This partnership is just the beginning for many more announcements on product integrations to come. We can't wait to see what you will achieve with them and do ensure to keep giving us feedback regarding other integrations that you would like to see in the future.

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