CARTO’s Open Data Week 2016 Preview


Immerse yourself in the world of Open Data at CARTO's Madrid event! Engage with global innovators, explore workshops, and join discussions.

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CARTO’s Open Data Week 2016 Preview

What innovations will 2017 have in store for Open Data? Join policymakers data journalists activists NGOs and both public and private sector stakeholders pioneering the future of Open Data in Madrid at the 2016 International Open Data Conference (6-7 October 2016).

The theme for IODC 2016 “Global goals local impact ” could not be more fitting for us here at CARTO. It is with great excitement that we not only return to our hometown but also have the opportunity to showcase Madrid’s local wonders to IODC 2016’s global attendees over the entire course of Open Data Week!

The hospitality of Spaniards is world-renowned and we at CARTO would like to begin demonstrating it with a series of events workshops and seminars that will surely be some of the hottest tickets in town during Open Data Week. Come join us for CARTO Accenture Digital Medialab Prado and Vizzuality’s Open Data Week Happy Hour on October 5 2016.

27 September 2016: VISUALIZAR16

Sign up to participate in this amazing event on 27 September 2016 to learn about the latest innovations in visualization engines from CARTO’s CPO Sergio Álvarez Leiva and Vizzuality’s CEO Craig Mills.

Ramiro Aznar Ballarín from CARTO’s solutions team will teach participants practical tips related to creating insightful visualizations using geospatial tools. Scheduled collaborators to include María Poveda and Ignasi Alcalde.

3 October 2016: APORTA

Our very own Miguel Arias COO at CARTO will discuss best business practices with members of the Spanish government. This session will be in Spanish.

4 October 2016: Data Journalism Workshop

Learn how data visualization is transforming investigative journalism with this informational session from Medialab Prado.

For more on how CARTO has facilitated local impacts in the global field of journalism checkout this blog post about data storytelling.

5 October 2016: Open Cities Summit

This summit will demonstrate the ways in which the lives of citizens around the world have been improved with the incorporation of open data into city management and planning initiatives. In addition the summit will feature breakout sessions wherein groups will discuss and brainstorm best practices for confronting challenges open data implementation poses to city planning projects. Finally the summit will conclude with an open-forum for participants to share further insights from their own experiences.

5 October 2016: CARTO Accenture Digital Medialab Prado and Vizzuality’s Open Data Week Happy Hour

Immediately following the Open Cities Summit CARTO Accenture Digital Medialab Prado and Vizzuality invite you to a convivial night of food drink and discussion graciously hosted by Medialab Prado that can serve as both your unofficial conclusion to Open Data Week and your unofficial commencement of IODC 2016. RSVP here!

If you are in or around Madrid next week then please feel free to join us at our Madrid office in the heart of the city. We are offering free work space throughout Open Data Week and IODC 2016 (September 26th-October 7th). Whether finalizing an IODC 2016 presentation reviewing material for a meeting or gathering your thoughts for a few moments the open layout and positive energy of our Madrid office will be conducive for all your IODC 2016 needs.

Happy data analyzing!