CartoDB takes Barcelona by Storm, again!


Discover the latest in fintech at eFintech Show with CartoDB's CPO discussing 'Location: The Missing Dimension in Fintech Data'

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CartoDB takes Barcelona by Storm, again!
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What a year! We can still feel our presence in Barcelona after MWC 2016 and we keep coming back for more of that great energy. This time Sergio Álvarez will be speaking at eFintech Show. CartoDB is one of the 30 most disruptive Fintech Startups selected by an expert group in a single event.

It is an important conference for the business intelligence community and we are happy to have our CPO and co-founder speaking on ‘Location  the Missing Dimension in Fintech Data.’ His talk will focus on how a large amount of information is generated daily.

Yet, the main problems with data processing remain — the enormous volumes and its disorder. For this reason big data analytics was born, and it allows organizations to capture, manage, and process the data. This was once unimaginable. Companies that know how to analyze that information and put it into practice may create products and services tailored and customized in real time for each customer.

These companies among which are many Fintech startups will be better positioned to succeed in the future since they will know the customer needs and exactly when they need it. Additionally the world of finance has changed dramatically. In this post-crisis environment  new opportunities and a clear competitive advantage are open to financial firms that can obtain a more nuanced understanding of their risk exposure. Firms can achieve this level of accurate risk management by leveraging advanced spatial analytics and social data.

In this context eFintech Show comes in as the first conference and exhibition focused exclusively on presenting the best and the most innovative technological solutions for banking and finance.

[Register now] to join Sergio at this event on March 17 Thursday at  13:00 – 13:15. This event is specifically for technology executives of banking  finances  press  venture capital  analysts  bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Happy data mapping!