CartoDB in the classroom, now unlimited


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CartoDB in the classroom, now unlimited
CartoDB goes to school

We think a lot about how mapping and technology work in the classroom. We've always felt that CartoDB could be used to support education in a diverse set of classes and be a go to tool for educators wanting to expose students to technologies that also can lead to research  jobs  and innovation. We also know that educators have to work really hard with typically small budgets for anything more than their own time.

One of the things we have learned in our own work with CartoDB is that limits can make the tool hard to teach. In particular  when you teach someone how to map or manipulate data  restrictions on the number of datasets your students can use is a pain point without many solutions. So  as some of you may have noticed  today we've rolled out our own solution to this problem…

Unlimited tables for students and educators

Creativity thrives in universities and we don't want to limit it  which is why the CartoDB cloud is no longer the limit. Upload datasets at will with unlimited tables.

That's right  no more deleting past projects to make room for new ones. With no table limits  you can start building your own visualization archive today and track your progress throughout the length of your program and beyond. You never lose your Student account!  students can use there profile pages to show off all their great work.

Oh  and professors take note: you can get in on this  too. With unlimited scalability  integrating the CartoDB platform into your course plans and department curricula has never been easier.

Wait  there's more! CartoDB is part of an ever-growing community that includes students  educators  researchers  developers  and designers who are building some of the most advanced maps on the web. The following free resources inspire mapmakers at all levels to collaboarte and hone their skills. Check out what everyone's up to  and feel free to get involved.  


The Map Academy


Get in touch

Ready to get started? Pass us a [note] about what you are teaching on CartoDB. If you are a student or educator and want to get one of our free Academic accounts  sign up here today.

If you are an educator and are looking for other great resources for your students  be sure to look at Github's Student Developer Pack.

Happy mapping!