Cash Atlas, mapping cash transfer programs


Explore global cash transfer programs with Cash Atlas, an interactive mapping tool powered by CartoDB. Learn about humanitarian spending worldwide.

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Cash Atlas, mapping cash transfer programs

Cash Atlas is an interactive global mapping tool aiming to visually represent cash transfer programmes at a global level  envisioned to be an advocacy and learning tool. Cash Atlas lets the public understand how, when, where and for what purpose cash programmes are being used. According to the Global Humanitarian Assistance report  “between 2008 and 2011 humanitarian spending on cash and voucher-based programming ranged between US$45 million and US$188 million".

Cash Atlas is a Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), supported by American Red Cross  ECHO and USAID/OFDA, and developed by Simbiotica  a CartoDB partner.

The data used to create this map was shared by the organizations involved in the programmes. The main aim of the project is to improve the quality of emergency cash transfer and voucher programming across the humanitarian sector. You can browse data by regions, countries, organisations, sectors, donors… The information comes from more than 500 projects and have impact in almost 20M beneficiaries.

The CartoDB Platform is the perfect backend for storing and mapping this kind of data. The different APIs lets developers manipulate data with ease, build the maps  show the data dynamically on maps, draw polygons, infowindows, labels…

This is another neat example of what type of projects CartoDB Partners are developing using our tech. The network of CartoDB Partners keeps growing, and they are developing more and more interesting projects using CartoDB. Cash Atlas or NGO Aid Map, both developed by our partner Simbiótica, are examples of it.

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