dataPlor's International POI Data now available in CARTO


We are pleased to announce our new partnership with dataPlor, experts in international POI data, & the addition of their data to our Data Observatory.

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dataPlor's International POI Data now available in CARTO

Emerging markets present some of the most exciting opportunities for companies looking to grow their brand  market share  and revenue.

Identifying the value of data  many organizations begin their international growth initiatives with analytics and insights. To avoid assumptions in markets with traditionally low visibility  leading organizations are consuming as much information as possible to stay ahead of their competitors abroad.

Where organizations often stumble is in leveraging the right data for these unique and challenging markets. Foundational information that drives growth in this space  such as point of interest data (POI)  is hard to find  often incomplete and typically inaccurate. Poor POI data can result in low confidence in their own business intelligence and erode executive support for international projects.

Tokyo Shopping Street - Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

In order to further enrich the geospatial analyses of our users working internationally  CARTO is pleased to announce our new partnership with dataPlor  experts in international POI data  and the addition of their data to our Data Observatory.

Advanced economies such as the US  Canada  and the UK tend to have detailed and relatively accurate business location data available via local government filings. The situation is drastically different when working with POI data in Latin American  Africa  and the Asia-Pacific region. Government data is inaccurate  businesses tend to use many different online platforms  and the data is rapidly changing as physical places close  move  or reopen. In a random sample of 1000 POI records in each country data dataPlor provides data in  dataPlor discovered that up to 70% of the available POI's were inaccurate abroad.

Oaxaca POIs by category and with credit card payment option

dataPlor aims to solve this issue  taking two critical approaches to improve international data quality. First  through a proprietary data platform built in house  dataPlor leverages multiple technologies  including Machine Learning observations  AI Bot Calling  On-the-Ground Deep Learning image recognition  and an automated deduplication engine. Second  human validators  also known as "Data Explorers " and local to each country  manually review records to identify inconsistencies and share their local knowledge. This approach ensures dataPlor's enterprise customers receive data with a high level of accuracy to drive better business outcomes.

Mexico POIs. Total number of Points of Interest by category

From today  CARTO users can start leveraging dataPlor's "International POI" data in their geospatial analyses  with datasets available in multiple emerging markets. Dynamically and consistently updated  dataPlor's International Points of Interest offer critical core information about physical places across the world  with attributes including:

  • POI attributes  from location name  address  main category and business category  phone  latitude/longitude
  • Operating hours  credit card use  websites  and more
  • Confidence scores on each record to help customers leverage more data and prioritize upon the millions of points of interest available

Check out dataPlor in CARTO's Spatial Data Catalog.

In partnering with CARTO  dataPlor's datasets can be accessed through CARTO's Data Observatory  enabling organizations to immediately improve user experiences  implement location intelligence  and drive investment and growth initiatives across the globe.

Our Data Partnerships Manager  Alejandra Aranzadi Elejabeitia  reflected on this partnership:

We are very happy to have this partnership closed with dataPlor adding value to our Data Observatory by completing our Points Of Interest category with accurate and updated datasets enabling our clients to purchase reliable data in markets where quality is hard to find.

dataPlor's CEO and Founder  Geoff Michener  also commented:

We're excited to finally kick off our formal partnership with CARTO. Their technology, professional expertise, and thought leadership defines them as the true leaders of the geospatial data and analytics ecosystem. CARTO's Spatial Data Catalog will enable our data to be seamlessly integrated into any enterprise, fueling international growth projects abroad.


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