Develop geo apps and maps at NYC BigApps 2013 with CartoDB


Discover innovative apps for NYC's challenges at BigApps competition. Use CartoDB's API for dynamic maps & data analysis.

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Develop geo apps and maps at NYC BigApps 2013 with CartoDB

NYC Big Apps 2013 asset

This year's BigApps competition is kicking off right now in New York City. The competition challenges developers and designers to create applications that help the city tackle big issues  help make people's lives a little better  and help people engage in the city around them.

We have been supporting the competition for a few years now  and we have seen cool applications like Scene Near Me developed using CartoDB. For this years challenge  the City has opened some great new datasets and has even expanded the rules of what you can use to participate on the challenge. As part of that expansion  CartoDB is now one of the official APIs and developing your app using CartoDB qualifies you to enter into the competition. We would love to see one of you win any of the great prices.

We are at the NYC BigApps 2013 Expo and Hackathon Weekend at eBay presenting our API and helping developers with anything geo and maps. If you are around  Andrew Hill can give your team a free upgrade to a Magellan account on CartoDB.

We can imagine lots of different applications that can be developed for the great city of New York.  There are some areas in particular where we think CartoDB can really help participants. If your application has:

  • Maps that are interactive and that are dynamic
  • You need to find what is the closest subway park museum or whatever to a location.
  • You what to intersect location data from phones with any other dataset in real-time.
  • You need a backend to store your data and be able to query on it live.
  • You need to analyze multiple datasets merging them via location. For example what neighborhoods are more "bike friendly".

We are really excited on this challenge and we look forward to help all participants with their GEO needs! Good luck everybody.